Classes & FAQ’s

Call 480-540-7555 or email to schedule your customized wine class and tasting party or, staff education at your restaurant.  Host a ‘Wine Education Class’ for your Corporate event, Retirement Community, Holiday party, Girl’s night, Couples parties, etc.

Keep your staff educated on the wines they are selling at your restaurant by scheduling a private seminar for them – one-time, monthly, or quarterly slots available to stay abreast of wine regions and, rotating wine lists. The cost will vary per class and a contract will be drawn up to reserve your time and place.

Smaller events require a 6-person minimum, the maximum would depend on the size of the venue.  The number of wines to taste will be factored into the price. Two hours (longer upon request and, the price will be reflective) of wine education are provided; handouts are included depending on the size of the group.  Food is not included, but I will recommend a menu to pair with the wines.  The host keeps leftover wine. People can either make their own food or use a caterer. Classes may take place in your home, at your office, or at any pre-arranged venue or restaurant.  I am located in Ahwatukee so distance, travel time, and accommodations (if necessary) may be factored into the cost of course.

About Wine is not legally permitted to buy your wine,  it must be prepaid by the party host — nor can About Wine sell any wine for profit.  Payment is due once the date is scheduled to allow me to select your wines for the class and to secure your date.  Cash, Check, Zelle or Venmo only. Full refund if cancel 2 weeks prior.  Half refund if cancel before 48 hours.  No refund if cancel day after 48 hours.  I do require a signed contract stating I am only there for educational purposes, not to sell or serve wine, and that I am not responsible for any unlawful conduct or lack of judgment due to impairment.

Classes can be customized for your group. Some common classes are:

  • Food & Wine Pairing: whether it be cheeses, chocolates, appetizers or a full-blown themed dinner party you will learn how to best pair certain wines with food choices and why they complement one another
  • ‘Wine 101 – The Grape Expedition’: informative class on winemaking, viticulture, reading labels, food & wine pairings, regional differences, choosing glassware, finding what you like, and tips and tricks on how to expand your palate.
  • ‘Discover the wines of France’ – explore the plentiful wine regions throughout France. Learn about the different styles of wine and how climate varies throughout the country, reading labels, tastings and food & wine pairing suggestions.
  • ‘Italian Varietals’ – Learn about the variations of wine and food from Northern to Southern Italy, reading labels, wine culture, varietals and regional differences in winegrowing styles and techniques, sparkling wines, tastings and food & wine pairing suggestions.
  • ‘South America’ – explore an up and coming region with exciting growth, especially Chile and Argentina, reading lables, tastings, and food & wine pairing suggestions.
  • ‘The wine of the US’ – learn about the regions like Napa Valley in California, Washington, Oregon, all the way to the Finger Lakes in New York.   Learn the regional differences between the US and Europe styles and laws, tastings, and food & wine pairing suggestions.
  • ‘Wines from Down Under’ – explore Australia and New Zealand and the history of this amazing wine region, winemaking styles, winemakers, how to read lables, tastings and food & wine pairing suggestions.
  • ‘Germany & Austria’ – Experience the unique styles of wine in this very different climate and terrain, learn about their classification systems, how to read labels, tastings, and food & wine pairing suggestions.
  • ‘Spain & Portugal’ – Learn about the wines of these beautiful countries and the many differences throughout the regions, varietals, sherry, sparkling wines, how to read labels, tastings and food & wine pairing suggestions.
  • ‘Arizona Wine Country’ – Learn about our winemaking history and how it is developing into one of the most exciting wine regions in the world. Learn about our terrain, winemakers, what grapes grow best here and why, and of course tastings and food & wine pairing suggestions. 
  • ‘Bubbles’ – Learn about Champagne, the winemaking methods, regions, top producers as well as value driven producers, Sparkling wine from other regions across the globe, tastings, and food & wine pairing suggestions.
 Other available services:

What types of marketing packages are available for Wineries, Wine bars and restaurants or resorts?  About Wine can customize a package depending on your needs.  Packages can include classes, media i.e. articles and social media, on and off site tastings and promotions, etc.  Fees vary.

How can About Wine be of assistance to a Wine Collector?   About Wine can help connect you with a storage facility, and invitations to some of the best tastings in the Valley.