Coral Wines of Washington State

Chris Chan, Advanced Sommelier and co-founder of Coral Wines is making world-class wine from grapes from Naches Heights, Walla Walla, Yakima, and the Columbia Valley. Check out my sneak peek preview of the White, Pink, and Red Coral wines he makes in Washington State.  Chris is also the Host of the Happy Hour Radio show in Seattle, and the Founder of SOMM Summit Seattle which is near and dear to his heart.  I encourage my fellow Sommeliers to follow Chris Chan and Coral Wines on Facebook to make sure you know when he will be holding his next Summit. It is extremely educational.  Thank you, Chris, for noticing the exploding talent in the Arizona wine industry, and for being excited to watch our success continue and thrive.  Stay tuned for my tasting videos on Coral Wines…

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